As well as Advanced Potion Making, I have also created fully readable textbook replicas of:

- The Tales of Beedle The Bard
- Hogwarts: A History
- Defence Against the Dark Arts

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'Advanced Potion Making'

Between June and December 2014, I created a full 192 page replica of 'Advanced Potion Making' by Libatius Borage.

This version is a full textbook, readable cover to cover, with additional hand written additions/corrections added to each page by 'The Half Blood Prince'. The book is aged and stained as if used by the Prince, then left for Harry to find in his 6th year of Hogwarts. 

Each spread is shown in the video above, as well as close-ups of some of the more famous lines taken from the series.

To find out more, take a look at the section below title The Process.


Due to a number of fake reproductions of my work being listed for sale, I have chosen to stop the free download of these pages.

I’m really sorry that a small number had to ruin it for everyone else…
Once these fake copies are no longer for sale, I will reopen the downloads. Please report them if you see anyone selling my work.

The Process

-  I wrote up notes for the entire book, covering all existing information found in films and books, then embellishing on what I could find to create a full textbook including information on Alchemy, Potion Making Equipment, Ingredients, and of course, Potions.

-  After setting the pages in InDesign, I then printed them, double-sided in sets of 8, then hand stitched and bound them.

-  I then artworked the cover, printed it on canvas, and fitted the bound pages inside, along with some marbled endpaper from Jemma Lewis (click to visit her website) in Melksham.

-  Ageing the pages required coffee and a few hours in the oven, then the use of sandpaper, scalpels and matches (as well as the floor & other hard surfaces).

-  I then went back through the completed textbook adding in the rest of my (The Half Blood Prince's) notes on each page, as well as tears, stains and ink splodges.