All images on this website are copyright of Jack Tuckwell.

All images on this website are copyright of Jack Tuckwell.

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Jack Tuckwell.

Living and working from Bristol, UK, Jack produces
a range of graphic and typographic artwork, illustrations,
3D spatial designs and commissioned paintings.

Having studied Graphic Design and Art at Cirencester
College, followed by Landscape Architecture at
The University of Gloucestershire, he then progressed
into a career as a Graphic Designer and Artist.

E  info@alarmeighteen.co.uk

T  07990 765225

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Latest Project.

Advanced Potion Making - Replica

Click here to take a look at The Half Blood Prince's copy of 'Advanced Potion Making'



A book, no matter how marvelously written, cannot enter the world without a cover. But a cover is more than a wrapping for the pages, it is integral to conveying the essence what lies within. After several failed prototypes, serendipity opened the door to Alarm Eighteen and Jack Tuckwell. With the merest bit of information, Jack captured the texture and weave of the story through color and design; rendering the perfect cover for J.M. Nydam’s fantasy novel, Oaklade.”

”Although training can be purchased, talent and a gifted “eye” cannot. Jack, however, has all three in abundance.
He is now number one on our design go-to list. Put him at the top of yours.
— Lee Shaw. Boho Books.
When the time was drawing near for my book to be published, I was given Jack Tuckwell’s name for the cover. I contacted Jack and gave him a synopsis of the storyline...the next day, I had the perfect book cover!”

”Thank you, Jack Tuckwell, for your amazing artwork. Can’t wait to see the next one!
— J. M. Nydam
Jack is an amazingly talented artist. His craftsmanship is solid and well worth the investment. I requested a large custom order: Handwritten potion recipes and illustrations in the AP-M textbook, hand-selected spell definitions to be printed within the DADA textbook, and illustrations to be included with “The Tale of Three Brothers” printed in the TBB book. Each book had its own Hogwarts library check-out card that was fit inside the cover with my signature included with the rest of Harry Potter’s class. Jack was very prompt with communication and offered samples of his work at every step of the way to ensure I was happy with the work in progress and final product. I don’t think there are any limits to what Jack can create! Dare to let your imagination run wild and trust that you will be a supremely satisfied client like I am.
— Sophia Zhang. Etsy Customer

The gallery below shows the finished books from the project above.

This is the most amazing fan replica I’ve ever seen. The photos don’t do it justice. I’ve never been so thrilled to get a ‘tattered old item’ in the mail and loved it so much! The details are so realistic. It really looks like something that is well worn from years of use, abandoned in a dusty cupboard for years, then survived the fiendfyre spell in the Room of Requirement! Even the ‘Property of the Half-Blood Prince’ inscription on the inside is as if it was written by Snape, himself! I’ll definitely be adding other books by this artist to my collection!
— Shannon Rowley. Etsy Customer